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Dana Pacific's goal is to develop long term personal relationships so we can tailor our services to your specific needs.  We are committed to providing quality association management services  which exceeds our client's expectations.  Our proactive and professional management service will ensure that your community is managed properly and with the "personal touch".  

Dana Pacific provides the following services for all Homeowners' Associations

    *    Regular property inspections of common areas and maintenance requests for work in progress
          and/or completed.  

    *     Evaluation of contractors and contract services

    *     Member correspondence and communication

    *     CC&R and Rules and Regulations tracking and enforcement

    *     24/7 customer service care to assist homeowners with common area emergency issues after
          normal business hours 

    *     Establish open communication with all homeowners

    *     Respond promptly to service requests; prioritizing each request to ensure timely

     *     Assist Board in development of annual budgets

    *     Preparation, attendance and participation at regularly scheduled Board meetings and annual  
          election meetings

    *     Preparation of board packets, meeting agendas, meeting minutes and board meeting action item

    *     Prepare annual calendar to ensure annual deadlines and legal requirements are met

    *     Send monthly assessment statements to all homeowners with return envelopes for their

    *     Collect and post assessment payments 

    *     Enforce Delinquency Collection Procedures

    *     Facilitate refinancing and transfer of ownership efforts by providing lenders and escrow
          with necessary documents

    *     Monthly financial statements

    *     Bank reconciliation

    *     Assist auditing firm with the timely preparation of the annual audit and tax returns

    *     Provide certified manager for meetings to ensure professional guidance 

    *     Provide monthly board packets approximately one week prior to the meeting in an attempt to
          provide ample time for the Board to review the packet and be prepared for the meeting 

    *     Documentation storage and retrieval

    *     Log and track architectural applications